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Computer Repair

There is no need to wait for a week to get your computer fixed because, being experts, our technicians don’t take long to find out what is troubling your computer. So bring your computer to us and feel the difference in its performance.

Computer Speed Up

Your computer needs tune-up as regularly as your car does. Tune-up makes your computer perform well and enhances its functioning .It will remove all the annoying, useless software programs and will improve its performance tremendously.

Computer Upgrade

Do you feel that your computer is not that old or overworked but the startup still does not load fast enough?Does the computer system hang or complain of low disk space on the hard drive often? You might need to upgrade!

Virus Removal

These are just some of the many symptoms that could mean a presence of a virus, spyware or adware in your computer. You can avail onsite virus removal service from Zoo Repairs as well as guidance on installation and updating of anti-virus software.

Internet Security

A user cannot tell if the computer is facing any sort of internet security threat or already has become a victim of cyber-attackers. Such can only be identified by certified security experts like our technicians.

File Recovery

Consult us if you want to create a backup of your files including pictures, music and documents so that you don’t lose them abruptly in the future. Alternately, if you have had already lost the data, then we can help recover the lost data.

Setup New Device

Just bought a new webcam? Need a printer installed? There’s no need to stress over setting up your new equipment. Our technicians can connect and configure nearly all peripheral devices to work with your computer.

New Computer

Buying a new computer is an exciting experience. Don’t let the stress of having to set it up ruin the moment for you. Take your worries aside! Just give us a call and we will send our technicians to your home to setup your new machine onsite.

Software Installation

There are all kinds of software in the market for each and every one of your needs. Installation and setup can be stressful for those who aren’t techy. However, you no longer have to worry about the installation of the software you need.

Hardware Installation

Hardware installation is one of the many things you can do to tune up your computer. Whether your PC is running slowly or you simply want to upgrade parts of your computer, rest assured that we can help you with whatever you want.

Setup Email

In this age of technology, having your own email account is important because it creates a fast and reliable form of communication that is easily accessible. We can help you setup your own email account and show you how to use it.

Setup Network

Planning to set up a network in your home? Our technicians at Zoo Repairs can set up a secure wireless network in your home that will allow you to share everything between as many computers as you like with 100% security.

Laptop Repairs Northlakes

We repair any of the following brands of Laptops:
ACER Laptop Repair ASUS Laptop Repair
DELL Laptop Repair Lenovo Laptop Repair
HP Laptop Repair Sony Laptop Repair

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About Computer Repairs Northlakes

Computer Repairs Northlakes is your "go-to-guy" when it comes to anything regarding your computer or laptop on the Northside of Brisbane or Moreton Bay region. We can come to your house or small business and fix any issues that you are having. We have more 5 star repairs than any other computer repair business in Australia and our customer service is second to none. There is no Call out fee or public holiday charges, there is just a fixed hourly rate. Call us to see how we can be your computer professionals!.

"Previously I worked for the largest IT company in the world (IBM) as a help desk operator fixing peoples problems over the phone, so I have plenty of experience as a computer hardware and software technician."

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