Can a Tablet Replace My PC?


If you are an owner of an old computer, you have probably had this recurring thought: what is better, a tablet or a laptop? Just a few years ago, many users could not imagine that the tablet industry would develop so quickly that the comparison between tablets and computers would even be possible. It has become very relevant though, and if you with you wish to answer this question once and for all, you have to compare the two types of devices.




Evolution of the Modern Computer

The laptop became a full-fledged descendant of stationary computers, so a large number of advantages have passed to it from old-schools PCs. Nowadays laptops are far more popular than the traditional desktop PCs, and for a few good reasons. A traditional desktop PC usually consists of the following things:


  • Body that houses the hardware
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • External display


Obviously, such layout is in no way portable – this is why laptops have become so popular. A modern laptop has all of those things built-in, and you can carry it anywhere. Laptops are convenient, versatile devices that you can use anywhere and anytime.


Advantages of Laptops Over Tablets

Tablets share the laptops’ advantages in terms of portability, yet there are some things at which laptops are still superior.


  • Larger screens. Most laptops today boast 15 inch or even 17 inch screens. A significant advantage over tablets, which mostly have 10 or 12 inch screens. If you work with photographs or graphics, laptops will most probably do a better job.
  • Operating system. With the exception of Apple Macs, most laptops you can buy today use the good old Microsoft Windows. This operating system is familiar to everybody and supports more professional programs than Android, which is used in most tablets today.
  • Storage. This indeed is a very important aspect. Most tablets nowadays don’t offer more than 64GB of inbuilt storage, while most laptops have 512GB or even a whole 1000GB of storage stock.
  • Computing power. Laptops tend to pack more horsepower under the bonnet, since they can physically fit larger and more powerful CPUs, graphic cards and Hard Drives.
  • Connectivity. One aspect where laptops definitely outdo tablets is connectivity with peripheral devices. Unfortunately, most tablets don’t support printers, scanners or projectors.

Advantages of Tablets

Despite a serious list of aspects where laptops outperform tablets, the latter can also boast some considerable advantages:


  • Portability. If laptops invented portable computing, tables sure perfected it. Most laptops nowadays weigh around 3 kilograms and have 13- or 15-inch screens. Quite compact, but nowhere near the tablets, that usually weigh under a kilogram with an 11- or 12-inch screen.
  • Fast startup. Despite most laptops running the latest versions of the operating systems, most of them take a while to start up. This is because the system has to take its time to fire up the necessary software and hardware modules. Tablets, on the contrary, not only start up faster, but can be kept on standby with the screen locked. This was they can become ready to work after a simple swipe.
  • Battery life. Most tablets can last up to 10 hours on a full battery, depending on the power consumption, while laptops rarely last more than 3-4 hours due to more battery-consuming components.
  • 3G connectivity. Many tablets today come with sim card slots and support 3G and LTE networks, thus making sure that you online even if there are no Wi-Fi networks in sight.


Transformers – a fair compromise

If you appreciate the advantages of both laptops and tablet, but still can’t decide which device is a better fit for you, consider the transformers. They are hybrid devices, that combine a mechanical keyboard and hardware components of laptops with a tablet-inspired touchscreen, sometimes detachable. This kind of 2-in-1 devices combines the best of both worlds and could be a solid choice for those, who cannot decide between traditional laptops and tablets.


In conclusion, both tablets and laptop have their obvious advantages and drawbacks. It is unfair to say that a tablet can entirely replace a laptop, but it can sure be a nice companion to it. If you are fixed on the idea of having one device for all your tasks, consider the 2-in-1 transformers. The laptop and tablet market is so wide nowadays that everybody can definitely find a suitable device solution for their needs.

Don’t hesitate to consult your trusted computer repairs provider to determine which kind of device is more fitting for you.

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