Can a Tablet Replace My PC?

  If you are an owner of an old computer, you have probably had this recurring thought: what is better, a tablet or a laptop? Just a few years ago, many users could not imagine that the tablet industry would develop so quickly that the comparison between tablets and computers would even be possible. It[…]

How To Choose A Good Password

How To Choose A Good Password Tips on creating a password: Use a mix of alphabetical and numeric characters Use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. Passwords are case sensitive. Use symbols if allowed. Don’t use spaces because they might get trimmed. Pick something obscure. Follow the tips below: Pick an odd character in[…]

Social Media Fun Facts

Social Media Fun Facts Who doesn’t use social media? Here are some interesting facts about the most popular social media sites: There are 2.3 billion active social media users. 1 million new active mobile social media users are added every day. Internet users have an average of 5.5 social media accounts. 78% of social media[…]

Email Fun Facts

Email Fun Facts   Nowadays, everybody uses electronic mail or, simply, email. Here are some email fun facts that might interest you about it: The typical email word length is between 5 and 43. The average number of words per email is 40. People respond to emails in an average of 47 minutes. Pope John[…]

Best Laptop Brands

Best Laptop Brands With so many brands in the market, it can be hard to decide which one to choose for your laptop. Here are some of the best laptop brands in the market along with reasons why you should choose them. 1. Apple Known for the MacBooks, Apple has long been known as one[…]

Which Countries Use The Most Internet?

Which Countries Use The Most Internet? Ever wonder which countries have the most number of Internet users? Here’s a list of the top 15 countries with the most Internet users as of 2016 (date published). Rank Country Number of Users Flag 1 China 721,434,547 2 India 462,124,989 3 U.S.A 286,942,362 4 Brazil 139,111,185 5 Japan[…]