How to Increase Real Estate Sales Using SEO?

What is a real estate SEO?

It is a process to show your platform in search engines and display people what they are searching for on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The SEO services for real estate agents help in displaying the right content when people are looking for an apartment, home, or condo. The real estate website helps the buyers and renters to search their property and get an opportunity to generate leads. 

Search engines have a collection of advertisements, maps, lists, and instant answers using important search terms for potential customers. The competition is increasing for the real estate SEO experts to generate organic traffic and convert it into potential customers.         

Why is Real estate SEO marketing is important?

Lead Generation 

SEO is the best method to increase the real estate client by improving revenue and sales by growing the business. You will need real estate SEO experts to implement an SEO strategy which helps in getting qualified leads by targeting the right audience. Simply building a website in the real estate world isn’t enough you need to handle the SEO to increase your rankings in the search engines which improves your digital visibility. This will lead to more traffic and increase sales. 


The business’s final goal is to achieve long-term profits and increasing conversion rates. When you get the right online marketing strategies for the real estate SEO services it can help in increasing the profit of your business. SEO is an effective way for the real-estate business to generate income. 

Business Growth 

Small scale businesses aim to increase business visibility and sales in the long-term. SEO helps in achieving these targets and achieve success in modern business. 

What are the important tips to follow in SEO for real estate?

Research on Keywords 

If you need to drive traffic from Google you need to put the effort into looking for keywords that will improve the website rank. Keywords are generally a collection of words that define what people are typing in the search engines. Some things to follow while researching keywords for your content:

  • Build a list of keywords and phrases to target your local audience 
  • Research on the competitor’s keyword usage 
  • Use the Google suggest option to look for additional keywords 
  • Know more about your customer’s choices 
  • The Google keyword planner helps in checking the frequency and competition 
  • Look at the People also ask section to collect additional keywords
  • Maximize the use of long-tail keywords to gain more attention from the search engines

There are various sections of keywords:

  • Navigational Keywords: These are the words that searchers are looking for in a website which is a form of branded searches. 
  • Informational Keywords: Such keywords are typed into Google to collect information. 
  • Transactional Keywords: These are used by the visitors when they have the intent to make a purchase.  

Learn about your Competition

Every real estate SEO service must be aware of its competitors. This helps in building a roadmap for the things you should do for your competitors. The competitor analysis helps in understanding where you stand in the market and use the competitive keywords. The main elements of the real estate SEO analysis are:

  • Technical SEO: This deals with the site structure, site speed, mobile-friendly, and hreflang
  • On-Page SEO: Search about the content quality, conversion strategy, and keywords
  • Off-Page SEO: This looks at the backlink analysis, link building strategies, backlinks gaps, and linkable content

On-Page Optimization 

Getting a good search engine ranking is a great challenge in the digital world. SEO is important to add useful content to outrank the competitors in the market. The SEO services for real estate agents help in understanding the techniques to optimize the on-page data. Some tips you should consider for such optimization are:

  • Make the content relevant and unique
  • Use proper heading tags by using the highlight for the subheadings and headings 
  • The title should be limited to 65 characters 
  • The URL must have keywords, short, and self-descriptive 
  • Include meta descriptions for your posts or pages that are unique 
  • The website should have HTML and CSS validation 
  • Have proper alt tags for your pictures 
  • Include an internal linking strategy 

Off-Page Optimization 

This helps in increasing the domain authority of the real estate website by getting links from other websites. This is time-consuming and involves getting a backlink from the webpages. It plays an important role in the backend and applying different strategies to get top rankings on the search engines. There is no shortcut where people get penalized due to buying links that are considered as black-hat SEO. Some strategies to optimize off-page contents are:

  • Acquire backlinks to blog directories, comment links, shared content directories, forum signature, link exchange schemes, and article directories. 
  • Ensure that you post on social media platforms regularly
  • Promote the content on famous platforms 

Develop a mobile-friendly website 

A lot of internet traffic is gained by using mobile devices. This means if your website is mobile responsive it gains organic traffic. This indicates that when Google crawls into the website to check the mobile version of the website to determine that it has a great ranking on the search results. Make sure you follow the below tips:

  • The website should load faster on the mobile devices 
  • The clickable buttons are sized that people can click on them easily on different size of screens
  • Include the information like the call to action above the fold

Wrapping it up!

In this blog, we have shared with you some real estate SEO actionable tips. These can help in building strong strategies with the help of SEO services for real estate agents that know the market. You know that competition is rising daily but on the other hand, you also have great opportunities. Invest in the right SEO experts to dominate the real estate market.  


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