Social Media Fun Facts

Social Media Fun Facts

Who doesn’t use social media? Here are some interesting facts about the most popular social media sites:

  • There are 2.3 billion active social media users.
  • 1 million new active mobile social media users are added every day.
  • Internet users have an average of 5.5 social media accounts.
  • 78% of social media users watch online videos every week.
  • 55% of social media users watch videos every day.
  • As of January 2014, there have been 163.9 million blogs and 72 billion posts on Tumblr.
  • Pizza is the most Instagrammed food.
  • In a month, 500 million visit Twitter without logging in.
  • The name of Twitter was originally “Twttr”.
  • users watch a total of 6 billion videos every day.
  • There are an estimated 81 million fake Facebook profiles.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 10 tweets per second mention Starbucks.
  • 56 million blogposts are published every month on WordPress alone.
  • There are 6000 tweets per second. That’s 500 million per day.
  • Unlike other social media sites, Tumblr users are divided equally gender-wise.
  • There are 3.5 billion Instagram likes per day.
  • The average visit on Tumblr is around 14 minutes, which is more than on Facebook and Twitter.
  • There are a total of 1.3 billion twitter accounts but only 32 million are active.
  • More than 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day.
  • Facebook gains 500,000 new users every day.

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