What is the Best Way to Clean your Computer?

Yes, home computer repair is the buzz word these days with many of whom are owning a home PC, more and more are preferring to repair their PC on their own rather than getting it serviced by some or any service technicians who these days charge a hefty amount as a service charge. To avoid this unnecessary wastage of money and time, you can actually do your own home computer repair if you follow the steps we will show in this article. 

Viruses are the most dreaded and dangerous thing that your home PC could be infected with. Here you can learn about how to find viruses and remove them with your own home computer repair steps. The first and last and most annoying and threatening issue you could face with a home PC would be viruses, you can actually prevent viruses from entering your home PC by installing a good antivirus program. 

There are a very good number of antivirus programs available in the market, both paid and free. You can install any one as all antivirus programs have their own ups and downs in catching some viruses and omitting some. You should scan your home computer with the antivirus at least once a day if you browse the internet regularly and download lots of stuff online.

Keeping Your Home Computer Safe

Home computer repair may be a taxing affair, but it is extremely necessary. It is important that you take precautions against viruses and other threats posed by the sharing of information via different media and through the Internet.

Any potential harm can be avoided if you take the basic precautionary steps.

One of the most essential tools for home computer repair is an antivirus. An antivirus is a software that safeguards your computer by scanning it for malicious programs and destroying them. Enabling home computer repair, an antivirus detects and destroys viruses before they can cause harm to your computer. The most popular antivirus packages support the following:

  • Scans – Real-time, On-demand, and Scheduled
  • Internet security
  • Technical Support 

A research firm in its antivirus software review more than 3 years ago has listed the following antivirus packages in order of rating:

  1. BitDefender 
  2. Kaspersky 
  3. ESET Nod32 
  4. Trend Micro (PC-Cillin) 
  5. F-Secure Anti-Virus 
  6. McAfee VirusScan 
  7. Norton AntiVirus 
  8. AVG Anti-Virus Pro 
  9. CA Antivirus 
  10. Norman Virus Control 


Updating the antivirus periodically is recommended as an important home computer repair step. You should take into account the following when choosing an antivirus:


  • Easy Installation
  • User-friendly
  • Efficient detection
  • Effective removal of malicious programs
  • Effective quarantining
  • Real-time reporting features
  • Regular updates
  • Technical Support 

Regularly cleaning your computer is a responsibility that every computer owner needs to do. It is important for the maintenance of your PC and make it last longer and perform better even with aging. And having the best anti-virus software on the computer is a great step towards making it clean and free from unwanted online parasites. 

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