PC Repairs Northlakes doesn’t only focus on PC and Laptop Services. Our technicians are skilled in other computer-related services too. Of course, we also need these other services. While using our computers especially at work, we are connected to a network for faster communication and management. Our network needs proper configuration too.

Aside from the network itself, your office also needs an internet connection. Our business and homes nowadays have internet connection. Through Local Area Network (LAN) or Wireless LAN, our family members use the internet. For Office Servers, data backup and security is also a must. PC Repairs Northlakes can cover all of these computer-related services for you.

  • Mac Repair
  • Network Installation
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Internet Connection Troubleshooting

Apple products are in reality hard to clean and fix. Got your Mac LCD Broken? Or does your screen flicker every now and then? These are some of the problems you might encounter with your Mac. For more information about our Mac Repair services you can go to this page.

PC Repairs Northlakes does not only provide services for personal computers but also provides effective solutions to your Mac problems. We make sure that our services cover all of your computer needs for not more than $99 an hour. Every technician we have in the team is experienced and certified to perform cleaning and troubleshooting of your Mac.

Not only do we need a good network connection at work and business but also at home. Computers that are connected to a network benefit from a number of advantages. Direct sharing of files is one. Connection to the Internet is another.

However, network installation is not an easy task without any experience and knowledge on cables and routers. PC Repairs Northlakes provides network installation services too! We do not only install and configure but also make sure that your network is secured. You do not need to worry about the cables anymore we’ll do a clean job installing the necessary peripherals for your network may it be at home, at work or at your business.

Are you experiencing connectivity issues with your network lately? Or your computer cannot connect to it when it should be connected to it automatically? There might be something that caused this network error. In order to check what caused this, running a network diagnostic test is essential.

PC Repairs Northlakes not only provides network installation but also troubleshooting services. Our technicians will check both software and hardware configuration of your network to find out what caused the error like network printer not working or does not seem to be connected anymore. File sharing is a vital part of communication done in a network we wouldn’t want you to lose time so we offer a fast and reliable fix for this.

Having internet connection issues? Like your PC cannot access the internet even if it’s connected to the network? Something might be causing this but you’re not sure what. There can be three reasons why you can’t connect to the internet: (1) Problem with your Service Provider, (2) Connection not properly setup or suddenly been disconnected or (3) the problem is on your computer itself.

To figure out what actually caused your disconnection, PC Repairs Northlakes can run a diagnostic test and check if all of your connection peripherals are properly installed. Our technicians will walk you through what caused your Internet problem and provide an effective solution.